ENG: Siarhei Besarab {@stean or @steanlab} — BEL: Сяргей Бесараб {BE:WIKIPEDIA} — RUS: Сергей Бесараб

Hey there everyone! My name is Siarhei, and I’m an independent belarusian scientist and certified researcher in Surface and Interface Chemistry. Additionally, I’m also a science communicator, journalist, and writer for HABR/MEDIUM. My scientific interests are broad and transdisciplinary, and also I’m passionate about promoting Citizen Science. This tiny website is meant to establish online presence in a more simple (more «traditionally scientific») way than what trendy social media want to offer.

My research interests include:

  • Colloid science: adsorbents — catalysts and their supports — nanomaterials and hybrid composites — porous and fibrous aerosol filtering materials
  • Industrial toxicology: heavy metals decontamination — plastics degradation
  • Public safety: radiation defence — antidotes — non-ionizing radiation — EM absorbers — personal protective equipment (PPE) — Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)
  • Green and Phytochemistry: ethnobotany bioinsecticides/biorepellents
  • FoodTech: novel/alternative food sources — food safety
  • Medical electronics: wearable devices — medical sensors — Point-of-Care

Citizen Science Public activities

For very, very, very important things, please use encrypted mail to contact me:

From my profile page on the Keybase online identity registry, you can encrypt a message so that I will be the only one able to read it; simply send me the result by email. If you already use OpenPGP, you can also get my public key via Keybase or via your usual key server. This key’s fingerprint is: F9F2 237E C324 7FD0 A8DF D8BD 8F3A 6CC2 5399 44AE